Past Safari and Workshop Testimonials

"...Andy knows animals, knows photography, and knows Africa."

"...Andy's knowledge of African wildlife, passion for photography and love of Tanzania were contagious! I had such a great time that I signed up for another safari on my return. I can't think of higher praise than that."

"...Andy was the coordinator for our safari. He is a conscientious teacher, has developed an excellent rapport with the guides, and most importantly, he's a really nice guy. If you are considering a photo safari to Africa I can't recommend Andy highly enough." - Michael Reichmann, author of The Luminous Landscape. Michael's report can be found here.

"Dear Andy,

Mary and I had a great trip to Namibia with many unique and fun experiences. We thought our first trip to Africa with you was outstanding but this one was even better. Perhaps most memorable event among many was the confrontation between the white rhinos and pride of lions at the watering hole! You and your team of knowledgeable guides ensured that we were in the right places at the right times to observe the scenery and wildlife and take some wonderful photographs. You are a warm and gracious host who is genuinely interested in his guests and you consistently went above and beyond expectations to make sure that everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. Although your trips are designed for photographers, even the non-photographers in the group had a great time. Andy, you are a true professional and we are looking forward to our next trip with you!

Mary & Steve Murdock"

"Dear Andy,

My trip to Botswana was magical. The abundance of wildlife, experienced local guides, super accommodation and all my new friends brought me closer to nature than I ever thought possible. The whole trip was geared to photography and I shot hundreds of excellent photos! I will cherish the memories of this magnificent adventure for the rest of my life." - Traveler, Toronto, Canada

"...I was not only able to obtain hundreds of close up shots of animals in the wild, but also received great photographic tips from Andy."

"...I just want you to know that this was the best travel experience that I have ever had and it far exceeded all my expectations. Andy was a wonderful guide and the attention paid to all the details was impeccable."

"...This trip was the Serengeti I'd seen in movies and on TV only real and up close. Thousands of animals, beautiful scenery, great pictures."

"...We had everything on this trip. Migrating herds of zebra and wildebeest, lions and leopards, cheetahs, herds of elephants, and thousands of flamingos. The accommodations were first class, the guides informative and helpful, the other participants friendly and everywhere Andy arranging, answering questions, and giving photographic advice. The trip of a lifetime!"

African Safari

"...We took pictures of animals from morning to night, for eight days straight. What a great trip!" - Traveler, California

"...If you want a friendly leader, knowlegable in both photography and animal behavior, Andy Biggs is your guy." - Traveler, California

"...It was a trip of a lifetime. I was doing exactly what I hoped for: Photography of wildlife in the best place in the world with the best people leading the trip and photo-enthusiasts sharing this wonderful experience. The trip was the best organised trip I've been on: only the best of everything; nothing less. I very much liked your role during the trip: actively involved, boosting the group spirit and sharing your views, expertise and pictures with everyone. This was my third African safari, but never before I saw such a profusion of wildlife. I do not believe this to be just luck. I'm convinced good wildlife viewing is the result of thorough preparations, available knowledge of the area, the guides, the equipment and a lot of other small bits that add to this important equation. Andy, your safari has all these important ingredients and I recommend it to anyone looking for such a wonderful photographic experience." - Traveler, The Netherlands

"...This was a well organized trip, with lots of animals and lots of photography."

"...Andy organized and hosted a thoroughly professional and first-class photo safari. The travel logisitics, accomodations, and food were excellent and did not require us to "rough it" by any means. Everything on the trip was geared specifically towards a successful photographic experience and Andy constantly adjusted the trip as we went along to make things smoother and easier. One of the most valuable features of Andy's safari trips is that he only allows two or three photographers per vehicle. This proved exteremely useful since it allowed each photographer easy access to his/her equipment and the space needed to concentrate on shooting. I got the feeling that we were employing the best safari tour company, the best vehicles and equipment, and the most knowledgeable and friendly local guides. Andy was constantly available for questions, instruction, background information, and support. Andy's good nature, lack of ego, and great sense of humour really added to the enjoyment of the trip." - Traveler, California

"...Andy Biggs hosts a first rate trip to Tanzania. The Safari was very well organized, the accommodation very comfortable and the guides very knowledgeable. Tanzania is absolutely beautiful. The photographs that I took (which benefited greatly from his help) are the souvenirs of a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life." - Traveler, New York City

"...Thank you Andy for all the wonderful things you showed us...The world is beautiful..." - Traveler, Montreal, Canada

"...As a first time wildlife photographer, other than shooting at the zoo or wildlife park, I especially appreciated the photographic help and guidance from Andy. His knowledge of the area, the animals, technical tips, and compositional tips helped me take better photos as the trip progressed. At the beginning of the trip, each time we saw an animal, we stopped to take a photo. Towards the end of the trip, we all became more selective. Andy's suggestions about watching each animal, looking for animal behaviors and interaction resulted in photographs rather than snapshots. " - Traveler, Texas

"...Thank you very much for a truly memorable trip. Without you, the trip would not have been nearly as much fun or enjoyable. Your valuable info, great conversation, guidance, and sense of humor really made it so much better. I look forward to more photography with you in the future, either in Tanzania or somewhere else." - Traveler, Australia

"...The mix of styles and knowledge that different people brought was very interesting. I've been on other workshops, and I have to say that this is without question the one I've enjoyed the most. I didn't want to go home. Thanks!" - Traveler, Connecticut

"...Andy is the best kept secret! He is knowledgeable, talented, practical and supportive. I would describe safaris with Andy as intensely fun. His safaris are designed for serious photographers, which means: 1) an itinerary that maximizes shooting time with interesting subjects; 2) knowledge sharing with experienced peers, 3) no wasted downtime and 4) an excellent infrastructure including land rovers with plenty of room, lodging with plenty of electricity, good food and get this - luxury camping with 110v electricity for all! I've already signed up for my next safari and have already recommended him to over a dozen friends. You get what you pay for and Andy is a gem." - Traveler, Hawaii

"...The trip to Tanzania was my ultimate wildlife experience. A ten year dream to photograph the Safari and was fulfilled. It is worth the wait. Thank you. You are a good leader and I recommend you highly. All the guides were good and knowledgeable as well. I enjoyed the whole group and the unforgettable experience of the Serengeti tent camp." - Traveler, Toronto

“…Andy welcomed and answered all my questions on animal behavior and photographic techniques – and the results were apparent in my photos. He cared a tremendous amount about the well-being of his travelers, and worked closely with the local guides to create the best safari experience possible. From the beginning to the end, it was apparent that that trip was designed to cater to the specific needs of photographers (e.g. electricity to recharge batteries and laptops, dust-free environment for equipment clean-up, enhanced Land Rovers to accommodate for big lenses). Throughout the safari, Andy happily spent time going through my photos and gave me valuable insights on composition, digital workflow, and post-processing – I found this to be a key part of my photographic experience. In the end, finding a safari outfitter is easy, but having a leader that is willing and able to help you develop as a photographer is priceless.” - Traveler, New York City

"...It was with great anticipation that we headed to Kilimanjaro to meet up with Andy and the rest of our tour group. Being relatively experienced in self drives in other African Countries, we were eager to learn from Andy and the others. Both in the Ngorongoro Crater and through the Serengeti we learned immense amounts about how to photograph in this environment, the specific animals, flora and scenery. Andy and his troupe of guides / support staff were second to none. We'll be doing it again....." - Traveler, Thailand

"...Karen and I love Africa and this is our fourth safari with Andy Biggs. There is a very important reason for our choice of safaris. If you ever get to watch the behind the scenes of a National Geographic production, you soon realize it takes a team of dedicated individuals to get those shots that are oh so good. This team is responsible for getting the photographer and his gear to the ideal location at the right time of day/night. You might think that this is an easy task but it takes extensive preparation and planning to make it seamless to the photographer whose only concern is to get the shots. This is what Andy Biggs and his team of passionate dedicated individuals do that sets them apart from the rest. Highly recommended....." Traveler, Toronto

"...After researching Africa for several years, the choice became very obvious - an Andy Biggs African photo safari. Its all about the guides and the vehicles and how many photographers per vehicle so that you will never miss a shot because somebody is in your way. Andy uses the best guides and the best vehicles and insures that you have full 360 capability. The whole safari was incredibly first rate...." - Traveler, Arizona

"...I was privileged to join Andy Biggs in Tanzania in February, 2007. In short, it was a spectacular and awesome experience! Being in that wonderful environment and learning so many photographic tips was an unbeatable combination for sucess and great satisfaction. If you love wildlife and photography, and you want to feel like a kid in a candy store again, give it a try. TRULY UNFORGETTABLE!..." - Traveler, Washington

"...We just got back from a 17 day Safari in Tanzania in Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti with Andy Biggs. I have to say it was the BEST vacation of our lives. 11 hour days of incredible photo oppertunities, Great food, great accomidations, and great company. Don't even consider any other Safari! Andy is a very positive, helpful guide. If anyone is considering Africa, Contact me personally for additonal details..." - Traveler, California / Hawaii

"...The Moab Safari was the best combination photo shoot/workshop that I have attended. All of you were excellent source of great photos of comparison and added immensely to the enjoyment of the experience. Andy ---- your team could not have been better!..." - Traveler, New York

"...Andy created a fabulous Namibian landscape safari. We worked hard and long and it paid off! Andy proved he knew how to take care of those on his safari's by choosing great camps and including fun surprises. He promptly took care of any problems and was able to balance everyone's requests with a smile on his face. Andy helped everyone with his tips and suggestions and most of all knows more about gear than almost anyone. Thanks Andy, for the trip of a lifetime!..." - Traveler, USA

I recently took a photo tour to Namibia with Andy and, based on this experience, I am keen for the opportunity to take more tours with him in the future. The trip itself was extremely well organized and went off like clockwork. We travelled to three different sites in Namibia and each one afforded a great many wonderful and varied photo opportunities. The accommodations in each location were superb, the food great and the local staff and drivers friendly and engaging. Both Andy and the other accompanying professional photographer, John Paul Caponigro, were great company. They were ready to provide useful advice and assistance whenever it was requested, but they let each photographer alone decide how much or how little assistance they needed or wanted. All in all, it was a great trip. I came home with some wonderful shots, great memories and new friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend a photo tour with Andy to anyone..." - Traveler, Canada

"...I have made two trips with Andy: to Tanzania and to the Galapagos. In both cases, the arrangements were excellent, the accommodations were first class and all of the necessary transfers between airports, buses, hotels, boats, and camps were handled in the most professional manner, with speed and good humor. Andy is a first class guide, with great photographic knowledge and, just as important, great people skills. Somehow he manages to put together groups of people who not only get along well on the trip, but are people with whom one would like to maintain a relationship.

I am not new to photography, having works in museums in America and Europe, and in the collections of many corporations. Yet, I find something new to learn on each trip with Andy...." - Arthur Grossman